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Product Manufacturers

.steute is a world leader in the supply of switchgear to industry for safety applications, control applications and applications where there are potentially explosive atmospheres. The wide range of products they have offer you solutions to the majority of switchgear design requirements. They have the largest range of switchgear approved to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC (ATEX).

Control Technology Range:           

·   Safety Interlock Switches
·   Safety Solenoid Switches
·   Safety Magnetic Switches
·   Safety Limit Switches
·   Safety Hinge Switches
·   Safety Pull Wire Switches
·   Door Handle Switches
·   Industrial Limit Switches
·   Miniature  Limit Switches
·   Footswitches
·   Pushbuttons
·   E-stop Buttons
·   Pull Wire Switches
·   Magnetic Sensors

EEX Range:

·    Ex Safety Interlock Switches
·    Ex Safety Solenoid Switches
·    Ex Safety Magnetic Switches
·    Ex Safety Limit Switches
·    Ex Safety Hinge Switches
·    Ex Safety Pull Wire Switches
·    Ex Door Handle Switches
·    Ex Industrial Limit Switches
·    Ex Miniature Limit Switches
·    Ex Footswitches
·    Ex Pushbuttons
·    Ex E-stop Buttons
·    Ex Pull Wire Switches
·    Ex Belt Alignment Switches
·    Ex Magnetic Sensors
·    Ex Inductive Sensors
·    Ex EnOcean Wireless Switches

EnOcean Wireless Range:

· Door Handle Switches
· Limit Switches
· Pull Wire Switches
· Foot Switches
· Single Channel Receiver
· 4 Channel Receiver

Related Industries:

·       Automation Industry
·       Packaging Industry
·       Pharmaceutical Industry
·       Medical Industry
·       Food Production Industry
·       Farm Machinery Industry
·       Oil & Gas Industry
·       Marine Industry
·       Offshore Industry
·       Mining & Quarrying Industry
·       Elevator Industry
·       Cranes & Lifting platforms Industry

Product Manufacturers

Pendec distribute products for:

May 2016

We are the main distributors in Lancashire for Schneider (Merlin Gerin), Eldon, ABB, Bernstein, Salzer, Socomec.

We alo supply all cable and lighting
Please send all enquiries to or contact Helen, Hollie or Julian on (+44) 01282 863636

We can supply worldwide, so please send all export enquiries through to